27 Oct 2015

Vanuatu President sets deadline for resolving political crisis

5:43 am on 27 October 2015

Vanuatu's President Baldwin Lonsdale has given the Government and the Opposition until November the 6th to resolve the country's political crisis.

Vanuatu President, Baldwin Lonsdale.

Vanuatu President, Baldwin Lonsdale. Photo: AFP

Radio Vanuatu reports if the deadline is not met Father Lonsdale will have to take urgent steps to ensure the country is returned to stable government.

A meeting was scheduled on Monday to bring the Government and the Opposition together at State House but the Prime Minister Sato Kilman was unable to attend.

Eight appeal applications have been received by the Supreme Court from the MPs jailed on bribery charges last week.

About a quarter of the country's MPs were jailed last week including the Speaker and deputy Prime Minister.

The Appeal Court will sit from November the 9th and the court has scheduled two weeks to hear the appeals.