Catholics to hold anti-sorcery forum in PNG

3:28 pm on 26 October 2015

The Catholic Bishop of Mendi says the key to stopping sorcery-related violence in Papua New Guinea is to hold people accountable.

Bishop Donald Lippert is hosting a forum against such violence this week.

The event follows a number of brutal attacks and tortures on people accused of sorcery.

High-ranking members of the Catholic church from around the region are expected to attend as well as Australian National University's Miranda Forsyth, sociologist Philip Gibbs and the US ambassador to PNG and the Solomons, Walter North.

Mr Lippert says police and business community representatives will also attend.

He says the focus will be on introducing deterrents to sorcery-related violence.

"It's really difficult to stop someone from believing something so if people want to believe in sorcery for the rest of their lives, it's up to them, but they have to know if they act on those beliefs in a way that harms innocent people then they have to be held accountable."

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