23 Oct 2015

Fiji says NZ ban on long beans unnecessary

8:54 am on 23 October 2015

New Zealand has breached international standards by suspending the import of beans from Fiji, the Fiji government says.

Close up of the Thrips Palmi or Melon Thrips.

Close-up of the Thrips Palmi or Melon Thrips. Photo: Forestry images via Wikicommons

Fiji's Biosecurity Authority says New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries did not notify it when the pest - thrips palmi - was intercepted in consignments of long beans from Fiji during the past three months.

The agency says numerous pests have been intercepted at the Fijian border on imports from New Zealand, and Fiji has never taken such action.

The authority says it conducts thorough inspections for thrips palmi but it can't be held responsible for eggs or larvae that hatch and grow into adults during shipment.

Fiji says the unjustified suspension will have a significant impact on Fiji exporters and farmers.

In August New Zealand banned some fruit and vegetable imports from Fiji because of concerns over Fiji's anti fruit fly procedures.

The ban was lifted after a week after Fiji provided evidence of how it was meeting New Zealand's requirements.