16 Oct 2015

Pregnant rape victim to return to Nauru - claim

4:49 pm on 16 October 2015

Australian-based Refugee Action Coalition says a pregnant Somali woman who had been raped in Nauru and was flown to Australia for a possible termination is to be returned to Nauru.

The refugee rights group says the woman, who was transferred to a detention centre near Sydney, has been taken from her room by the Australian Immigration Department, in an apparent attempt to return her to Nauru.

Aerial view of Nauru.

Aerial view of Nauru. Photo: RNZ / Walter Zweifel

According to the group's spokesperson Ian Rintoul, the Immigration Department says the woman has decided not to proceed with the termination.

However Mr Rintoul says the woman wants to discuss her planned termination and is waiting to meet counsellors and doctors.

Mr Rintoul says the attempt to remove her is a violation of her rights and is a vindictive move on behalf of the government.

Abortion in Nauru is illegal.