15 Oct 2015

Regional media group calls for end of Nauru media ban

5:20 pm on 15 October 2015

The Pacific Freedom Forum says banning overseas media from Nauru is another shocking denial of human rights in the region.

Last week, the news organisation, Al Jazeera, was denied a media visa and told that all media applications were not being approved.

The PFF Chair Titi Gabi has demanded that Nauru lift the ban now.

Ms Gabi says the Nauru government is showing a shocking disregard for human rights within its own borders, with media scrutiny essential as a check and balance on abuse of power.

She says the action is a blatant abuse of article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees freedom of expression.

Ms Gabi says it also reflects badly on Nauru's main development partners, Australia and Fiji, which are both campaigning to get onto the UN Human Rights Council.

PFF echoed calls from Amnesty International to lift the media ban and allow independent human rights workers access.

An aerial view of Nauru

An aerial view of Nauru Photo: RNZI