14 Oct 2015

New Senate inquiry into Nauru and Manus camps

11:47 am on 14 October 2015

The Australian Senate is to conduct another inquiry into the offshore detention of asylum seekers, which is designed to protect whistleblowers.

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Photo: Australian parliament

Workers in camps such as those on Nauru and Manus Island could face up to two years in jail under the Border Force Act if they disclose information about the centres.

The Greens' immigration spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young says the inquiry will use the powers of the Parliament to give protection to concerned detention centre workers who feel they need to speak out.

Earlier inquiries and reports have found evidence of violence and abuse against asylum seekers as well as inadequate medical care and high levels of trauma.

Ms Hanson-Young says the veil of secrecy that hangs over the detention camps has to be lifted in order to make them safe.

Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Photo: AAP