7 Oct 2015

American Samoa welcomes rain

2:14 pm on 7 October 2015

People in American Samoa have welcomed two days of rain after a three month spell of dry weather.

The National Weather Service issued an advisory on Friday saying American Samoa is in severe drought.

September had only 30 millimetres of rain, way below the norm of 200 millimetres for the month.

The average for October is about 250 millimetres and about 50 millimetres has fallen so far.

The American Samoa Power Authority has reported continued decreasing levels in water wells.

The rainfall outlook for American Samoa for the next three months is below normal as El Nino conditions continue.

A trough lingering over the Samoa group which brought with it heavy rain is expected to move north by Thursday.

American Samoa

American Samoa Photo: RNZI