6 Oct 2015

Fiji police boss investigated after diplomat car crash

2:39 pm on 6 October 2015

Fiji's police commissioner is under formal investigation after accusations were levelled against him that he obstructed police.

On Sunday, Major General Ben Groenewald released a statement saying a South African diplomat had been treated at hospital and released without charge after being involved in a fatal car accident.

He said the diplomat had full immunity from the Fijian authorities and was protected by the Vienna Convention.

Fiji's police commissioner Bernadus Groenewald. Appointed in May 2014.

Fiji police commissioner Ben Groenewald Photo: RNZI/ Sally Round

Yesterday, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Henry Brown, confirmed a report was filed with police.

Mr Brown says investigations are continuing and he will release more details at a later date.

Ben Groenewald had informed the police director of traffic after the incident that he should be released according to the convention.

The convention also allows for a country to waive the right to immunity in specific cases.