1 Oct 2015

Tongan money with former King no longer legal tender

8:25 pm on 1 October 2015

As of today, Tongan banknotes and coins depicting the late King Tupou IV are no longer legal tender in the Kingdom.

The old currency has been replaced by a new set of coins and banknotes launched in June by King Tupou VI during his coronation celebrations.

The Tonga Reserve Bank estimates at least 50 million Pa'anga, or nearly US$23 million, in obsolete coins remains in circulation along with several million in 50 and one Pa'anga banknotes.

This money can no longer be used in Tonga but the Bank says it will continue to exchange old money for new for those who were unable to exchange their notes and coins before the September 30th deadline.

All the new currency have updated security features and depict the King Tupou VI except for the gold coloured one pa'anga coin which bears the image of his late brother George Tupou V.