29 Sep 2015

Rebuilt homes in Tonga may be demolished again

8:53 pm on 29 September 2015

Some homes that have been re-built in central Tonga following Cyclone Ian may have to be demolished because they didn't meet certain criteria.

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Cyclone Ian caused extensive damage. Photo: RNZAF

Many homes on Ha'apai were destroyed when the topical cyclone hit the island in January.

The Governor of Ha'apai, Mo'ale Finau, believes as many as 300 homes have already been re-built under a reconstruction project funded by the Government and World Bank.

But he says in Parliament yesterday it was revealed that about 15 homeowners have been told their houses have to be demolished because they were not supposed to be built.

"So far we have found that some houses have been built but the owners of those houses did not meet the criteria that they're supposed to have met before they are given a house to be built."

Mo'ale Finau says it seems there's been a communication break-down and an urgent meeting is needed between the parties.