29 Sep 2015

Norfolk wants administrator removed

7:47 am on 29 September 2015

Norfolk Islanders, angry at Australia's removal of their self government, are planning to petition the Commonwealth Ombudsman, asking for the island's administrator to be removed.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Photo: AFP

Australia ended 36 years of self-government on the island in June.

The Canberra-appointed administrator, Gary Hardgrave, had taken a combative approach to listing the island's apparent failings and the reasons for winding up the island's government.

But a former Norfolk Island chief minister, Andre Nobbs, is the driving force behind the petition to the Ombudsman.

He says Mr Hardgrave is misrepresenting the island.

"They are the things that have done the damage and they are the things that need to be reviewed and enquired into. Malcolm Turnbull as the new prime minister for Australia and I think it is definitely in his best interest to have a close look at the actions that led to the removal of the island's parliament and the actions that continue to impact on the island's economy and future."