28 Sep 2015

New environmental law book for Solomons

4:56 pm on 28 September 2015

The public solicitor's office in Solomon Islands has released a new environmental law book aimed at educating and informing stakeholders in the country.

The book contains national and provincial laws and a compilation of court cases relating to logging, mining, and land disputes.

A co-author Jennifer Radford says it is important that Solomon Islanders are aware of their environmental laws as many communities are rich in natural resources but are often exploited by large companies.

"[It] becomes a resource that isn't just for lawyers but is a way to really highlight the importance of law around environment and land and the capacity that already exists in our current laws to really improve these industries and the use of these resources and ultimately the economy as a country and people's well-being."

Ms Radford says a particular target group for the book are government officers in line ministries who often have little guidance when dealing with complex environmental situations.