17 Sep 2015

American Samoa struggles to deal with education issues

9:55 am on 17 September 2015

About 90 percent of high school graduates have to take remedial classes before they can start classes at the American Samoa Community College.

During a budget review the College's acting president, Dr Rosevonne Pato, says a remedial programme had shown some success.

She says about 60 percent of the students who eventually graduate from the College have had some remedial assistance under what is called the CAP programme.

But Representative, Meauta Mageo, who is a former high school teacher, says the system is still failing the territory's children.

"We really to find a solution. Perhaps we need to go all the way back down to elementary [school] because high school kids are reading at 4th grade level when they leave high school, and that's why they are in CAP. So we really need to take a look at how many of these kids actually graduated and try and find the solution so we can actually fix this problem."