Second cable to connect Northern Marianas

2:11 pm on 4 September 2015
An IT&E diver checks an undersea fibre optic cable

An IT&E diver checks an undersea fibre optic cable Photo: IT&E

Telecommunications company Docomo Pacific has confirmed it will lay a second undersea fibre optic cable connecting the CNMI with the rest of the world.

The plans are to help prevent another network outage, after IT&E's undersea fiber optic cable was severed between Saipan and Tinian in July.

The disconnection lasted for almost three weeks and cost businesses millions of dollars in damage.

Docomo Pacific will proceed with landing site surveys, selecting consultants and vendors, initiating the federal and local permitting process, and considering various financing options, including possible partners and investors.

The company says the process of building an undersea cable is complex, and the overall project timeline depends on a great number of variables, some of which are still being explored.