21 Aug 2015

Australia tightlipped on latest Nauru evacuation

2:13 pm on 21 August 2015

Australian Immigration officials will not say why an asylum seeker was medivacced from Nauru to Australia yesterday.

But it is understood that 23 year old Iranian, Nazanin, who was allegedly sexually assaulted three months ago, was flown to Australia last night for treatment.

Earlier this week the Refugee Action Coalition had called for her to be moved to Australia because her physical and mental health had deteriorated badly since the attack.

It said she had had indications of kidney failure and was at risk of permanent kidney damage.

Protesters gather on Nauru to protest resettlement in Cambodia

Asylum seekers held on Nauru stage a protest about violence against women and children Photo: Supplied

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection says the individual who has been transferred had been receiving appropriate medical and mental health support and care on Nauru.

But it will not say what then prompted the move.