10 Aug 2015

Samoa Police support prison after inmates escape

8:10 am on 10 August 2015

The Samoa Police ministry has returned to Tafa'igata prison to bolster security after a mass escape this month.

Ten inmates escaped from one of the cell blocks a week ago after drilling a hole in the concrete.

They were recaptured two days later and senior police officers and an assistant commissioner has been assigned to provide security assistance following the escape.

Control of the prison removed from the Ministry of Police when the Prisons and Corrections Service was established last year.

Our correspondent in Samoa, Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, says the service is still finding its feet.

"According to the police spokesman, the commissioner, and the assistant commissioner, and most of the 50 officers of the Tafa'igata prison are very new to the job. Now the police commissioner has offered the commissioner of prisons, the assistance of the police who had experience when the prison was under the Ministry of Police, of how to look after and provide security for the Tafa'igata prison."

Entrance to Tafa'igata Prison in Samoa.

Entrance to Tafa'igata Prison in Samoa. Photo: Tafa'igata / youtube