30 Jul 2015

Papua legislators doubt veracity of police probe into Tolikara

2:19 pm on 30 July 2015

A committee in the Papua Legislative Council in Indonesia has expressed doubt that police will reveal the perpetrators behind the fatal shooting in Tolikara Regency two weeks ago.

A boy was killed and around eleven people injured in the shootings in the Tolikara centre of Karubaga, amid unrest in which shops and a small mosque were burnt.

West Papua Daily reports the chairman of the legislature's Human Rights Special Committee as saying he doubts whether police can reveal the actors behind the incident.

Furthermore, Laurenzus Kadepa criticised police for allegedlty forcing at least one of the victims to give his thumbprint while in hospital.

Mr Kadepa says he also doubts the veracity of police probes into other recent Papua shootings such as the case of four students killed in Enarotali.

He says many cases go unsolved in Papua, which is evidence that police are incapable despite there being ample evidences, data and witnesses.