27 Jul 2015

Marshall Islands moves on overstayers

3:43 pm on 27 July 2015

The Marshall Islands Immigration department has launched a move to deport overstayers, mainly from Kiribati.

Marshall Islands, sea, boats

Sunrise/set in the Marshall Islands Photo: RNZI

The Immigration Director, Damien Jacklick, says many i-Kiribati are currently in the country illegally, and he has issued 155 removal orders.

An immigration department report on the number of resident aliens in the Marshall Islands in 2015 issued last week, shows 47 i-Kiribati are registered to live in the Marshall Islands and there are about 200 i-Kiribati who have overstayed their visas.

Mr Jacklick says non-Marshallese working illegally is a big concern for the government.

He says employers are not paying the alien worker fees and taxes for the illegal workers.

The government has served an initial 50 removal orders over the last few months.