22 Jul 2015

Fiji Peacekeepers leave Liberia for Haiti

7:55 pm on 22 July 2015

The final unit of Fiji police working in the UN Peacekeeping mission in Liberia has been pulled out and is awaiting reassignment possibly to Haiti.

Fiji's Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald

Fiji's Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald Photo: Facebook

Fiji's police commissioner Ben Groenewald says the withdrawal began earlier in the year at the height of the Ebola epidemic but says all his officers who were in Liberia are now safely home awaiting redeployment.

Mr Groenewald is part of a ministerial delegation visiting Fiji defence force troops and police officers this week in various UN Peacekeeping missions around the world.

He says so far he is satisfied with the conditions and support being provided to Fijian police officers overseas.

"It is deployments from United Nations countries up to 100 I think 138 countries plus are involved in the Peacekeeping missions. And I think it is a good learning curve for our officers to be deployed in peace keeping missions."

Fiji Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald