Landowners demands being considered in PNG's Rabaul

6:34 pm on 20 July 2015

Landowners in the Papua New Guinea town of Rabaul have submitted a petition demanding money they say is owed to them by PNG Ports and the East New Britain Development Corporation.

Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

Rabaul, Papua New Guinea Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades

The Towalingan Tobebe Ratagul landowners have threatened to shut down Rabaul town this week if their demands are not met.

The acting provincial administrator for East New Britain, Wilson Matava, says the landowners are asking for a substantial amount of money but he is yet to find any evidence to support their claims.

"My date is hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday next week I should meet with the executive of this land group. I have briefly talked to some of them already but I will, I want to talk to all of them. Getting all the information first from these two companies and then I will be talking to them."

Wilson Matava has asked the landowners to give him ten days to get to the bottom of the matter.