13 Jul 2015

American Samoa's Blue Sky to open in NZ

3:29 pm on 13 July 2015

The Pago Pago based Blue Sky Communications says it is opening in New Zealand in two weeks.

The president and chief operating officer of BlueSky, Aoee Adolfo Montenegro, says they will provide a full mobile service provider in New Zealand.

The company is also the main services provider of landline, mobile and internet services in Samoa and the Cook Islands, with more than 500 employees in the four countries.

Mr Montenegro says they have been working on a product for the large Samoan population in New Zealand.

"After a lot of work we were able to reach an agreement with Spark New Zealand and we now will be able to launch our service over their network. So we have full coverage on all of New Zealand, and we have set up agreements where people can top up anywhere in New Zealand."