6 Jul 2015

Vanuatu media reacts to PM's comments on control

3:44 pm on 6 July 2015

Vanuatu's daily newspaper has reacted to the Prime Minister's comments that the Government may look to pass laws controlling the media.

Vanuatu daily post

Photo: Vanuatu Daily Post

The Publisher of the Vanuatu Daily Post, Marc Neil-Jones, says it would cause catastrophic negative publicity for Vanuatu if Sato Kilman were to bring in laws restricting the media.

He says Mr Kilman is the first prime minister to say he was considering such a move in his 20 years covering news and politics in the country.

The Daily Post Media Director, Dan McGarry, is encouraging a cautious approach.

He says the country's libel laws mean there are existing legal means to deal with journalists publishing material that is not fair, balanced and accurate.

Mr Kilman had warned against irresponsible reporting and and what he called character assassinations by journalists, as well as defamatory comments on some social media sites.

He warned police may investigate any damaging attacks on his government.