4 Jul 2015

PNG Minister welcomes Prince Andrew to Pacific Games

12:32 pm on 4 July 2015

Papua New Guinea's Sports Minister says the Duke of York won't just be in the country to open the Pacific Games - he'll also stick around to watch events, hand out medals, and promote the country.

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew Photo: AFP

The opening ceremony for the games will take place tonight, and Justin Tkatchenko says the country is completely ready for its hosting duties.

More than 3000 athletes will contest 28 sports over the next fortnight, while New Zealand and Australia will also make their Games debut.

Mr Tkatchenko says Prince Andrew's presence is a major boost.

"We are very honoured that he is coming to represent her Majesty the Queen, he's also doing some community visits, presentations and openings as well while he's here and presenting a lot of the medals during the first couple of days of the actual sporting competition, he will be doing weightlifting, triathlon and also he will be visiting the soccer competition as well."

Papua New Guinea's Sports Minister, Justin Tkatchenko.