CNMI Parole Board recommends commuting Fitial's sentence

1:50 pm on 2 July 2015

Parole authorities in the Northern Marianas have voted in favour of commuting the sentence of the territory's former governor Benigno Fitial.

Former governor Benigno Fitial

Former governor Benigno Fitial Photo: RNZ Mark Rabago

Fitial was last week sentenced to one year in jail after he was convicted of misconduct in public office and conspiracy to commit theft of services while he was the governor in 2013.

He was ordered last week to start serving his one year prison term before Monday.

The Parole Board also voted against granting a pardon for the 69-year-old.

It says either or both of Fitial's jail sentence and fine could be removed.

The Governor Eloy Inos will now make the final decision.