25 Jun 2015

Room for improvement needed in NZ Aid

6:51 am on 25 June 2015

A review of New Zealand's Aid Programme says there is room for improvement in its overall scope including more it could be doing in environmental sustainability

Volunteers - including RNZI's Koroi Hawkins - help fill water ahead of an aid mission to Vanuatu's Shepherd Islands.

Aid delivery in Vanuatu Photo: RNZ / Koroi Hawkins

The 2015 report released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development commends New Zealand for being a strong advocate for its Pacific neighbours on a global level.

The report recognises New Zealand for its approach to reducing and responding to disasters in the Pacific, and suggests other nations could learn from New Zealand in this respect.

Beyond the sphere of aid, policies such as lower remittance costs and employment schemes are noted as being particularly beneficial to the Pacific region.

The report does, however, recommend greater commitment on issues of environmental sustainability, gender equality and human rights, as well as strengthening policy for helping poor and vulnerable people.

It also highlights that, like many other donor nations, New Zealand is using aid to partner with the private sector and leverage private investments.

The OECD also recommends a review of the Partnerships Fund, which is designed for charities, the private and state sector to deliver aid.

There are concerns the fund is not adequately promoting sustained engagement in the Pacific.