24 Jun 2015

Nauru MP's passport cancelled because of "security risk"

2:24 pm on 24 June 2015

One of Nauru's suspended MPs Roland Kun says the government has told him his passport was cancelled because he's a security risk.

Mr Kun has challenged the cancellation in court after authorities took him off a plane last week as he tried to return to New Zealand where he has been living since being suspended a year ago.

Roland Kun

Roland Kun Photo: Nauru government

He is among five MPs suspended from parliament after being accused of spreading lies about Nauru in the foreign media.

Mr Kun says the Justice Minister David Adeang gave an explanation two days after he was prevented from leaving.

"I received a letter from the minister confirming that he directed the cancellation of my passport with very vague reasons provided. I was deemed a security risk to the nation and the other reason is that there's criminal investigations on the way that I am directly linked to."

Mr Kun has denied the allegations.

He says the government is spreading propaganda that he is informing the New Zealand government of goings on in Nauru.