24 Jun 2015

Sport: Pacific Games officials confident PNG event will be a success

11:34 am on 24 June 2015

With 10 days until the start of the Pacific Games in Port Moresby, the Games Council says all signs point towards a successful event.

The PNG Games were awarded in 2009 and at one stage construction and planning was two years behind schedule.

The Executive Director of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue, says since the current government came to power in 2012 progress has been fast-tracked and everything now appears ready to go.

"The Pacific Games Council has got no issues whatsoever with the fact that some of the venues might need the lick of paint or some finishing works to happen after the Games - I mean that's normal anyway in any Games environment. It's been a close-run thing of course and a lot of the venues are only just coming on-stream now but I think over the last three years we've grown increasingly confident that we'd get to this point and we're here now. PNG is to be commended - they've now got to do the really hard bit, which is actually staging a really successful event and we've got every confidence that they will".

Prince Andrew will open the Pacific Games next weekend, as he did the last time Papua New Guinea hosted the event in 1991.