CNMI casino licence could be revoked

7:31 pm on 23 June 2015

Gaming authorities in the Northern Marianas are threatening to cancel the licence of the territory's only operating casino on the island of Tinian.

Dynasty casino, Tinian, CNMI.

Dynasty casino, Tinian, CNMI. Photo: RNZ / Mark Rabago

The Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission says the new owners of Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino have not completed the application process and refused to co-operate.

The casino is owned by Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Ltd, and majority shareholder, Mega Stars Overseas Ltd.

The Commission's executive director Lucia Blanco-Maratita says it has no choice but to deny the owners' suitability application.

She says due to Tinian Dynasty's various violations a complaint has been filed in court and a hearing is due to be held next month.

The casino owners were earlier fined 75 million US dollars for violating the Bank Secrecy Act.