22 Jun 2015

Locals say Nauru job sackings continue after protests

1:35 pm on 22 June 2015

A Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua says there are mounting numbers of jobless on the island as sackings continue in the wake of last week's anti-government protests.

Crowds gather in Nauru

Protests in Nauru last week Photo: supplied/ Shane Bazzi

Mr Batsiua is on bail after taking part in the protests over the suspension of several opposition MPs from parliament more than a year ago.

He says several dozen people have been sacked and even people who were not protesting but believed to be sympathetic to the demonstrations have lost their jobs.

Mr Batsiua says it is part of continued quashing of dissent by the Nauru government.

"Today there is an air of intimidation. People are afraid (for) their jobs. People who have participated in the process have been instantly dismissed without any explanation or without any due process for them to reply and defend themselves."

A local businessman Lockley Denuga says he has heard of three or four dismissals each in the past week from government entities including Nauru Fisheries, the Regional Processing Centre, RONphos and the boat harbour as well as about 15 people from the Menen Hotel.

The Nauru government earlier said the opposition is trying to score political points out of last week's protest which it says was a blatant criminal act in which ten police officers were hurt.

It says it makes no apology for upholding law and order when its people are in danger and will continue to do everything it can to ensure such violence doesn't happen again.

Mathew Batsiua being escorted into court

Mathew Batsiua being escorted into court Photo: SUPPLIED

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