20 Jun 2015

Arrested Nauru MPs to appear in court

2:20 pm on 20 June 2015

Two opposition MPs on Nauru are expected to appear in court this afternoon after they were arrested last night.

Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido

Sprent Dabwido, a former president, will appear in court today. Photo: supplied

Squire Jeremiah and former president Sprent Dabwido are the latest MPs to be arrested in a government crackdown following anti-government protests this week.

Their arrest follows that of another MP, Mathew Batsiua, on Tuesday and the confiscation of MP Roland Kun's passport.

The MPs are some of five opposition MPs who have been suspended from parliament since May last year.

Crowds gather in Nauru

Tuesday's protest outside parliament. Photo: supplied/ Shane Bazzi

A Nauru businessman, Lockley Denuga, was with Mr Jeremiah and Mr Dabwido when police turned up to Mr Jeremiah's house to arrest them last night.

"We were just sitting around talking and then the police turned up and they issued the warrant and then the boys got themselves ready and everybody went outside and they just quietly went with the police to take them to the station where they stayed for the night."

In a statement, the government has accused the opposition MPs of trying to destabilise the government and says it has deployed extra police to prevent further protests.