PNG police modernisation playing catch-up

9:46 am on 17 June 2015

Papua New Guinea's Police Minister admits that the rapid growth of the force is adding pressure on police housing.

Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade

Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade Photo: Supplied

While most of the force is understood to be housed in inadequate conditions or not at all, Robert Atiyafa says better police housing is gradually being achieved.

PNG's force numbers around 6,500 police, having grown almost 40 percent in three years.

Mr Atiyafa says there is a big hurdle keeping everyone housed.

"That is the scenario now, I must admit. That you have one too many graduating and then we don't have the houses. We are under the modernisation programme addressing some of those, the number of hosues, but not many. We are building houses but basically you are replacing their old, run-down houses, so really there are no new houses yet."

Robert Atiyafa says the government is aiming at a target of between 8,000 and 10,000 police by 2018.