13 Jun 2015

Unsuccessful Bougainville candidates look to legal action

7:59 pm on 13 June 2015

Reports from Bougainville say that many losing candidates in the recent election are now talking to their lawyers in a bid to overturn the election results.

Bougainville election officials check ballot papers

Some candidates have alleged fould play during voting and counting at the recent election. Photo: supplied

New Dawn FM says the seats being disputed include the presidential seat, which was won by the incumbent John Momis, as well as several other general, women's and ex-combatant seats.

The Bougainville-based radio station says it has received various statements from failed candidates claiming foul play during voting and counting.

However, the acting electoral commissioner, George Manu, has previously said he is satisfied with the way the election has been conducted, saying any interference would have been noticed by international observers.