9 Jun 2015

Fiji narrows flag entries down to 23

4:52 pm on 9 June 2015

The committee overseeing the competition to choose Fiji's new flag has released 23 finalist entries.

The controversial move to change flag was decided by the government, and the Parliament has ignored a petition from the Sodelpa Youth Council for a referendum.

The government has also been accused of hypocrisy for proposing a new law that requires a 75 percent majority referendum to change the new one.

Of the 23 designs, prominent features include the sky blue of the current flag, as well as symbols such as stars, waves, coconut trees, tapa designs, and the sun.

A period of public consultation and feedback will end on July the 1st, when they will be submitted to Cabinet for consideration.

A vote in Parliament will decide the flag in time for the 45th celebration of independence on October the 10th.

A selection of the finalists of Fiji's new flag

A selection of the finalists of Fiji's new flag Photo: newfijiflag.com