Preferences get Bougainville's Semoso back

8:45 am on 9 June 2015

A women's MP in Bougainville who has won back the seat she last held five years ago says she had almost given up after the initial count.

Francesca Semoso was lying in fifth place but narrowly took the Bougainville North women's seat she first won in 2005, in one of the last counts in the poll in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region.

At the time of the weekend announcement Ms Semoso was in Solomon Islands at a workshop promoting the value of reserved seats for women as a way to ensure more women get elected.

She says she had become disheartened but once the counting of preferences under the Limited Preferential Vote system started her view changed.

"A lot of people say the LPV doesn't work. It works, it's unfair, so you know it depends what kind of system one country uses, so I was disheartened when I started trailing behind but when it came to eliminations, I thought OK this is my chance now. I am getting in."