Momis praises Bougainville people's commitment to democracy

11:38 am on 8 June 2015

Bougainville's president-elect John Momis says people's conduct in the recent election has shown their commitment to democracy.

Mr Momis was speaking after the final results came though at the week-end following a week-long count for the presidency.

Mr Momis commended the elections authorities on the successful staging of the election, which was conducted for the first time by the autonomous Papua New Guinea region's own electoral commission.

He also acknowledged those that have given him the mandate to lead the people of Bougainville in the next House of Representatives.

He said despite some hiccups during the election period, it was conducted peacefully and showed people's commitment towards democratic principles, values and the long term vision for the people of Bougainville.

The Third Bougainville House of Representative will be sworn into office on June the 15th.

The only woman to win an open seat, Josephine Getsi, says she believes her community involvement was critical to her success.

Ms Getsi defeated 11 men in Peit constituency in north Bougainville.

A record 11 women contested the open seats.

She says her role as a teacher was one of the reasons she defeated the men standing against her.

:The people knew me, knew me very well working with them together, working amongst them, they knew me very well. As a teacher working with the community, the people, the different groups of people, the youth and I also worked with the women involved in the women's activities in the community and Bougainville as a whole."

Full ballot boxes being transported for counting in Bougainville

Full ballot boxes being transported for counting in Bougainville Photo: Supplied