29 May 2015

Nauru defends ongoing block on Facebook

12:57 pm on 29 May 2015

The Nauru government claims it is not blocking internet access but it confirms it has temporarily banned Facebook to ensure there is no promotion of child pornography.

The Justice Minister says it is not true the government is censoring the internet, but opposition MPs, refugee groups and human rights organisations say that is what it intends.

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Facebook Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

David Adeang claims an overwhelming majority of Nauruans supports the government's actions, with many mothers of young children expressing their thanks.

He says the temporary Facebook ban does not limit the access of refugees to other communication platforms such as the phone, internet and email.

He says the government is in discussion with Facebook which he says recognises that pornography used to harass families, women and children is socially destabilising.

Facebook administrators have said the site's terms of use specifically prohibit the use of its services to distribute pornography.

The Nauru government has previously denied it had banned Facebook.

It later said the ban was temporary but it has now been in place for a month.

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