Sport: PNG Hunters welcome bye despite winning run

11:59 am on 27 May 2015

Papua New Guinea Hunters rugby league coach Michael Marum believes the bye has come at the right time for his squad despite their strong run of form.

The Hunters made it five straight wins at the weekend with a victory at top of the table Townsville, to consolidate their position in the Queensland Cup playoff picture.

Michael Marum says the win against the Blackhawks was their best performance of the season but he believes their upswing in form can be traced back to the win in Burleigh before the international break, where they came back from a 20-point deficit.

"That was the turnaround. Played Pride at home and we went back out there to the [Norths] Devils game. After the Blackhawks win I think there's just a lot of support around the place, around the country and everyone's supporting. You normally have your critics and everyone else but it's good to see everyone coming together and putting their heads together supporting us now so if we continue on winning the next two, three games I think we'll be right [for the playoffs]".

Michael Marum says he's given the players six days off to rest and spend time with family before returning to training for the home game against Ipswich.

PNG Hunters coach Michael Marum.

PNG Hunters coach Michael Marum. Photo: Supplied