26 May 2015

Nauru police change tack on assault claim

5:57 pm on 26 May 2015

Despite earlier denials, there are now reports Nauru police are investigating the alleged sexual abuse of an Iranian asylum seeker.

The weekend before last the 23 year old woman was found wandering naked on a road but the Nauru Government dismissed reports she had been attacked.

But Fairfax Media says it has been told by the woman, who was on day release from the Australian-run detention centre, that someone had jumped out from behind her and forced her to commit sex acts.

She was later found by police in a distressed state, but it was hours before she received the help she needed.

Last week Nauru police had claimed there was no suggestion anyone had assaulted her.

Fairfax is now reporting Nauru police have launched an investigation and are promising to find the attacker.