22 May 2015

Cambodia takes four of Australia's refugees

12:34 pm on 22 May 2015

Cambodia's prime minister, Hun Sen, has agreed to accept four refugees from Nauru after they were released from Australia's detention centre on the island.

Nauru is trying to overturn a decision that froze the country's bank accounts.

Photo: AFP

The Cambodia Daily says the four refugees approved for resettlement - a Rohingya man and three Iranians - will be the first to move to Cambodia under a transfer deal Canberra and Phnom Penh signed last year.

Australia has agreed to cover the expenses of refugees who take up the offer for at least a year and offered Cambodia almost 40 million US dollars in aid for agreeing to take them.

Cambodia says it will only accept genuine refugees, and all transfers will have to be made on a strictly voluntary basis.

Australia is still holding thousands of asylum seekers in its detention centres abroad, saying none of them will ever be allowed to settle in Australia.