PNG deputy governor ousted in vote of no confidence

8:10 am on 21 May 2015

The West Sepik provincial assembly in Papua New Guinea has ousted the deputy governor, Paul Nengai, in a vote of no confidence.

West Sepik provincial official Paul Nengai.

West Sepik provincial official Paul Nengai. Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades

He has been replaced by the East Coast-Aitape local government president, Sylvester Apiep.

The newspaper, The National, says Mr Nengai was voted out by 12 LLG presidents plus the acting governor, Belden Namah.

Until last month, Mr Nengai had been the acting governor for two years, until Mr Namah was elected to the position by the assembly.

However, that appointment is disputed, with Mr Nengai saying that election was improper and so Mr Namah's acting governorship was therefore illegal.

A by-election for West Sepik governor is currently underway.