20 May 2015

Chief in Bougainville jailed for interfering in election

9:31 am on 20 May 2015

A chief from Kieta in Bougainville is behind bars at Arawa police station after ordering his people not to vote in the elections for the autonomous government in the Papua New Guinea region.

Chief James Bitoe, of Kopei Village in the Eivo/Torau constituency of Kieta District in Central Bougainville reportedly instructed his people to support the failed money scam operator Noah Musingku.

A women leader of Kopei, Maritha Tamahin, told the Post Courier newspaper the eight clans of the village asked police to come in and take action.

Ms Tamahin says Chief James Bitoe did the same thing in 2005 and 2010.

She says only three quarters of the 1,000 eligible voters in the village could vote as the other names were missing from the common roll.

Voting has completed in all but one constituency and votes will be counted from next Tuesday.

Arawa, Bougainville

Arawa, Bougainville Photo: RNZI