20 May 2015

NZ chocolates use Tongan vanilla and Samoan cocoa

10:04 am on 20 May 2015

A New Zealand chocolate company has released a new range of chocolates using ingredients from the Pacific, vanilla from Tonga and cocoa from Samoa.

The Whittakers new Artisan collection was released this week, including the 'Single Origin Samoan Cacao' block, which is made using cocoa from the Vaai Family Plantation in Samoa.

Whittaker's Hawke’s Bay Braeburn Apple with Heilala Vanilla in 28% cocoa White Chocolate, from their artisan range

Whittaker's Hawke’s Bay Braeburn Apple with Heilala Vanilla chocolate. Photo: Whittakers

Another 100g block, 'Hawke's Bay Braeburn Apple with Vanilla', uses pure Heilala Vanilla beans from Tonga.

Sofaia Latu works for the New Zealand owned Heilala Vanilla company on Vava'u and says she's excited to take the blocks of chocolate back home to show her family.

"I think they will be real proud of having that chocolate, because they work hard at the plantation, but it's very different if they know that the Heilala Vanilla is around the world, in the chocolate. I think they will be proud of that and they will feel special."

Sofaia Latu says the vanilla bean work helps feed her children and family, and the company helps provide water and power to the village.