19 May 2015

Thousands without water and power on Guam

2:28 pm on 19 May 2015

Thousands of people on Guam are still without utility services, a couple of days after Typhoon Dolphin hit the island.

The Pacific Daily News reports that the Guam Power Authority expects about 2,000 customers will have their power service restored tonight although another 4,600 customers may have to wait until the end of the week.

The water agency had previously said it didn't expect the storm would cause outages, but has now said it didn't anticipate the high winds that blew across the island.

Residents have been advised to ration water and are also advised to boil water for drinking and cooking as a precaution.

power pylons

Photo: 123RF

The public affairs director for the consolidated utilities says about 4,500 customers or 11% of the Guam Waterworks Authority's customers are waiting for service to be restored.