Tribes in PNG bury hatchet after shooting death

4:03 pm on 12 May 2015

A Papua New Guinea MP says there won't be proper development in the country until warring parties make significant steps towards peace.

The newspaper, The National, says the MP for Mul-Bayier-Lumusa, Koi Trappe, spoke at a compensation ceremony between two tribes at Bayier Station in Western Highlands.

During the ceremony, the Kyakini tribe paid to the Angalu tribe money equivalent to $38,400 US dollars, as well as 302 pigs, two pythons, two cassowaries and a cuscus possum to the Angalu tribe over the death of a tribesman.

Alo Kepowa was shot in November last year.

Mr Trappe says attitudes of peace and reconciliation will help spur Government development projects in the region, such as road sealing, a bird sanctuary, the Tinsley Hospital upgrade and the establishment of the Kumbretta High School.