12 May 2015

Nauru's Facebook ban only temporary

2:08 pm on 12 May 2015

A Nauru government briefing paper says a ban on Facebook in the country is temporary and will be lifted when protection mechanisms are put in place to stop 'criminals and sexual perverts.'

The paper, obtained the newspaper, The Guardian, says the social media website was being used by 'malicious users' to 'publish and broadcast explicity, obscene or pornographic material'.

Facebook on a computer and mobile phone

Photo: 123RF

It says the block on Facebook -- which is widely used by Nauruans to find news about the country -- is only in place until protection mechanisms are in place to ensure Nauruans are protected.

It's not clear how blocking Facebook will prevent the distribution of offensive material and for how long the website will remain blocked.

Facebook says it has policies that explicitly prohibit the sharing and distribution of inappropriate material.