11 May 2015

Stricter animal welfare laws hoped for Cook Islands

8:46 am on 11 May 2015

The Cook Islands SPCA is hoping to present new animal welfare laws to the country's parliament, saying the country's laws are still in the 'dark ages'.

The SPCA's president, Sharon Reichart, says current laws are outdated and prove no deterrent to animal cruelty.

She says currently, the harshest fine for animal cruelty is 15 US dollars, and it costs 22 dollars in court costs to prosecute.

The Cook Islands News reports that under the draft legislation being written by the SPCA, there would be harsher penalties and more enforcement powers for animal welfare legislation.

Once drafted, the bill will be submitted to Parliament by the MP Albert Nicholas, who is championing the legislation.

Whangarei SPCA inspectors rescued a record six emaciated dogs in October 2014.

Cook Islands SPCA wants animal welfare law amended Photo: SUPPLIED