Fiji, Solomons farmers to learn Cuban farming techniques

3:09 pm on 7 May 2015

Organic farmers from Fiji and Solomon Islands are in Cuba to learn new techniques to improve food security back home.

The Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community says Cuba is the world leader of organic farming.

The training is focussing on Cuba's urban farming techniques, and aims to tranfser low-cost and proven ecological farming practices from Cuba to the Pacific.

POETCom's organic systems officer, Stephen Hazelman, says it's hoped that the farmers can easily adopt some of Cuba's farming practices in the Pacific.

"With all the talk about carbon footprints, and transport and population moving to the urban areas, all the logic is that you should get your food systems closer to the population sites, if possible. The Cubans are quite advanced in this area and we hope to see what is there for us to learn from."

Stephen Hazelman says they're interested in Cuba's effective compost methods for urban area waste management, and environmental friendly controls for insects and diseases.