6 May 2015

Purse seine fishers agree to further reduction

9:47 am on 6 May 2015

The World Tuna Purse Seine Organisation has announced that its members have agreed to a 35 percent reduction in fishing effort until the end of the year.

In an attempt to pull the industry out of the current market crisis, the WTPO Chairman, Francisco Tiu-Laurel, says the measure will cover the Western and Central Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and applies to all commercial refrigerated industrial tuna purse seiners.

Fleets in the Eastern Pacific Ocean have been excluded from the measure due to the upcoming fishery closure in the region, starting on July the 29th.

All WTPO member fleets are co-operating with the reduction, including some non-member vessels. Mr Tiu-Laurel says some fleets from the Americas will also be joining.

The 35 percent reduction will start on May the 15th.

Frozen albacore tuna offloaded in Lami, Fiji

Frozen albacore tuna Photo: RNZ / Philippa Tolley