4 May 2015

Norfolk campaigner says Yes campaign backing growing

7:00 am on 4 May 2015

A campaigner for Norfolk Island's input into changes to its political status says there is growing alarm on the island to Australia's plans.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Photo: Supplied

Canberra is considering legislation to strip Norfolk of its long-time autonomy and many on the island are unhappy about it.

The Norfolk government has organised an online referendum to end this Friday (May 8th) in which people have been asked if they want a say.

Andre Nobbs is part of a group called 'Say Yes' and he says Australia is claiming majority backing.

But he says there is no basis to those claims.

"What is becoming evident in the leadup to the referendum is there is a majority of people more concerned about the outcome in the future, if they have no representation in terms of democratically elected representatives on the island or self government arrangements."