CNMI congressman backs calls to extend military review

1:59 pm on 28 April 2015

The Northern Marianas representative to the US Congress is backing calls to extend the comment period for an environmental review of the military's use of Tinian and Pagan islands.

George Kilili Sablan says the proposal to use the islands for live fire training will have a significant and long lasting impact on the CNMI community.

People in the CNMI are being asked to give their views on the military's draft Enviornmental Impact Statement on the plan and the congressman says everyone should take full advantage of the opportunity.

US Army serviceman jumps from armored vehicle during the NATO "Wind Spring 15" military exercise at Smardan military shooting range.

US military personnel during exercises Photo: AFP

He says if more time is needed for technical analysis, then it would be the right thing for the military to extend the comment period.

The Tinian and Aguiguan legislative delegation last week passed a resolution supporting a request by the Governor Eloy Inos for an extension.

The lawmakers are supporting other options for the military exercises, including a "No-Action Alternative."